Plumbing issues can be tough to deal with, especially clogs. Many questions arise when dealing with plumbing problems, so if you’re asking yourself what augering is, you’re not the only one. 

Plumbing is not everyone’s forte; that’s why hiring a professional plumber can alleviate your problems. When you need hardworking, trusted plumbers, contact the experts at Oak Plumbing when battling your drains. With over 20 years of experience, we are reliable experts in all plumbing services. 

When it comes to fixing clogged drains, there are three main methods of getting the job done. Drain/toilet augering, drain snaking, and hydro jetting are the three most utilized methods used by plumbers to clear out clogs and blockages in your drain. During these scenarios, it’s recommended to contact a professional plumber. 

Toilet Augering

Toilet augering uses a long metal pole with a metal cable connected. One end of the toilet auger has a corkscrew-like connection, and a handle that you spin on the other end . This method is most commonly performed on toilets.

The drill spins as it moves through the pipe and breaks up any debris or blockages in its path. Afterward, debris is flushed down the drain by running water. 

Benefits of Toilet Augering 

Toilet augering is a much more efficient, robust, and cost-effective method for clearing blocked drains. The auger in which we use is a hand auger and is a lot cheaper than a drain snake.

Augering is primarily used for toilets and small drains, while snaking is used for large drains and is used through a sewer clean out. In addition- toilet augers are fast-acting and require minimal effort to operate. This makes them great for urgent situations when you need a clog cleared fast.

Augering is designed not to damage your pipes or fixtures while still getting rid of any debris that causes clogs. This means you won’t have to worry about any further damage. This helps save time and money when dealing with clogs in your drains. 

We Are Plumbing Experts 

Your drains are essential to us; we want to see them free of debris. Whether your plumbing issues stem from a clogged toilet or a kitchen sink that won’t drain properly, Oak Plumbing is the one to trust. 

As experts, we’ll suggest the best way to find out which method is suitable for your drain’s needs. We can inspect your pipes and advise you on what needs to be done. 

This includes discussing the severity of the problem. Let our experts walk you through the steps. 

Possessing The Right Tools For The Job

Instead of tackling a clog yourself, contact Oak Plumbing. We possess the right tools for any plumbing job. Your drains are delicate and may quickly become damaged performing a job on your own. Without the right tools, you can damage your drains or worsen your clog. 

Professional plumbers have 20 years of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing experience dealing with different kinds of drainage issues. 

Our expertise enables us to quickly diagnose the problem and develop an effective solution tailored specifically to your needs. 

Professional Equipment 

We offer augering as just one of our drain cleaning services. Our augering is done specifically through your toilet. Our team of experts will locate the clog using advanced plumbing knowledge to resolve your issue. Oak Plumbing utilizes augers that can cut through all types of clogs. 

On top of that, our plumbers have the necessary safety equipment to use when dealing with drainage issues, including the protective gear that helps protect us from any hazardous materials we may encounter while on the job. 

We don’t cut corners when it comes to your plumbing needs. We stay up to date with the latest advancements in the plumbing industry. 

Oak Plumbing was founded on excellent customer service, dedication to the community, and a mission to bring service back to the plumbing industry.

Evaluations And Quotes 

Our team aims to provide an uncomplicated journey to finding and solving your plumbing concerns. Oak Plumbing is proud to offer complete evaluations instead of free quotes and estimates.

With a reputation for quality work, our team always takes great care of our customers and their homes. Our thorough plumbing evaluation is our way of bringing high-quality service back to the plumbing industry. 

Every home and every customer deserves the best experience dealing with plumbing inconveniences. 

When you call for a technician, we know that you want your issue resolved immediately. Unfortunately, in most plumbing industries, plumbers only pay attention to the visible problem rather than the cause.

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Quick Response Time

Our vehicles are equipped with the correct tools and experts who can handle the situation immediately. We don’t want to make you wait to unclog your drains. That’s why when you contact us, we make your need a priority. 

We’re able to handle most situations on the spot and offer upfront pricing. There’s no beating around the bush with Oak Plumbing. We understand that your situation is as unique as the rest. That’s another reason we provide the cost to you upfront.

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Drain augering and snaking are both effective ways of clearing out blocked drains. Each has its advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when deciding which method to use for your particular situation. 

Drain augering is great for any size pipe since it uses an auger that can reach further than a snake cable, but it also requires more time and effort since it needs water pressure from an outside source to flush out debris after breaking it up. 

On the other hand, snaking is quicker and easier than drain augering but isn’t suitable for large pipes due to its limited reach and power. In short, both methods have pros and cons; it depends on your specific situation which one will be best suited for you!

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