We deal with the following sink & faucet issues.

Sink Clogs:

There are several reasons as to why your sink might clog. It could be food trapped in your garbage disposal or drain pipe, a backed up P trap, or a much larger problem. No matter the issue your friends at Oak Plumbing will get to the bottom of it and give you the options you are looking for.

Sink Leaks:

Having a leaking sink is a very common issue. There are several ways that might cause your sink to spring a leak. Have no worries because at Oak Plumbing your issue is our biggest concern, and repairing that issue is our objective,

Garbage disposal installs:

We are no strangers to garbage disposal issues and are eager to give you solutions to repair your malfunctioning machinery.
-P-trap assembly
-Pop ups -Angle stop replacement
-Sink replacement
-Under sink filtration
-Insta hot installation
-Air gap installation
-Stem repair & cartridge replacement

-Laundry box installation.
-Hose Bib & Angle Stop Installation.
-Sump pump installation & repair.

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